Japan’s Softbank third-quarter operating profit of about 2.5 billion US dollars the mobile sector will IPO

Japan’s Softbank Group said third-quarter profit fell short of expectations as the cost of acquiring domestic wireless business users increased, while preparing for the initial public offering of its mobile unit (IPO). The company said on Wednesday its earnings report said fiscal year-end operating profit for December last year was 274 billion yen (about 2.5

NBC free to HQ Trivia advertising before the Super Bowl

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 5 morning news, HQ Trivia is the famous live answering application in the United States, its rapid growth, but it caused many controversies. On Sunday, HQ Trivia caught the spotlight again, as NBC broadcast its ad just three minutes before the Super Bowl started broadcasting. Advertising for 12 seconds, a woman screaming

Softbank will invest about $ 500 million in OneWeb, a satellite broadband startup

  According to sources in the Wall Street Journal, Japan’s Softbank Group will invest another $ 500 million in satellite broadband provider OneWeb, which will boost OneWeb’s plan to provide Internet connectivity much faster than traditional space or land systems around the world.   This latest investment will increase Softbank’s total investment in the project

IMF China Financial Review: Watch out for systemic risks in the financial technology sector

The International Monetary Fund held an online press conference and released the latest report on China’s Financial Stability Assessment (FSSA). The report confirms the role of China’s financial system in promoting rapid economic growth and various regulatory measures in China, but at the same time reminds them of the rapid increase in size and complexity.