Google next year will prohibit the implantation of third-party Google Chrome software

Google said that while nearly two-thirds of Windows-based Chrome users use third-party software that embeds code into Chrome, such as some antivirus software, the software makes Chrome programs more vulnerable. Google said it could use the Chrome plug-in and browse information instead of the software.

Leifengwang learned that these changes will be divided into three parts, in April 2018, Chrome66 will be affected after the collapse, will inform the affected users have third-party software affect Chrome, and guide the user to delete. By July 2018, Chrome will completely ban the third-party software in Window. If Chrome is opposed, Google will restart the implant permission, but still remind users to delete the software. By 2019, Chrome will no longer support software embedding.

However, Lei Feng network found that Google still allows a few special cases. For example, Microsoft’s programs, software that helps people with disabilities to browse, IME software, and so on can still be embedded in Chrome browser. In order to allow developers to adapt in advance, Google also announced the Chrome Beta for developers to test.

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