Musk wants to send Tesla sports car to Mars with background music selected

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Saturday that SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy will fly a midnight Rose Tesla Roadster sports car to Mars. The media subsequently confirmed that the plan is true.

Musk has many qualities, the most admirable is to keep its promise. So when he says something needs to be done, most can be achieved. Therefore, when he made the remarks, many people are guessing it is not a joke.

But a few days later, a news email from news correspondent Arc Tecnica to Musk confirmed that he was indeed prepared to send the car to Mars. This car will be part of the SpaceX load. At launch, this RoadSter will loop David Bowie’s classic “Space Weirdo”.

Tesla hopes to make Falcon heavy rockets the gold standard for sending people and facilities to space. Musk pointed out that this will be the first major test of the rocket, so the rocket and the car are most likely not able to reach Mars. Of course, if it succeeds, Mars will soon be able to usher in the world’s fastest car.

It is reported that Falcon heavy rocket will be launched in January 2018 for the first time

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