Pass Facebook plus sports live broadcasting business will invest billions of dollars

The U.S. Sports Business Journal quoted sources as saying that Facebook is hiring executives who deal with sports copyright deals, and eventually the executive gets billions of dollars in budget to buy live sports webcasts copyright. The money looks a lot, if the standard of traditional TV to measure, in fact, not much budget. However, Facebook just want to get online copyright, this money is still very large. Amazon has bought the NFL Thursday night rights for $ 50 million and Facebook may bet on the tournament, though sports leagues typically make higher offers.

In the short term, we can not guarantee that Facebook will definitely become a big voter, but we should not be surprised if Facebook really paid a big bucks to buy the copyrights. In order to compete for user attention, sports streaming services has become a social media contested, Facebook may not want to take the risk, watched Twitter take away important streaming media broadcast rights.

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