Softbank will invest about $ 500 million in OneWeb, a satellite broadband startup


According to sources in the Wall Street Journal, Japan’s Softbank Group will invest another $ 500 million in satellite broadband provider OneWeb, which will boost OneWeb’s plan to provide Internet connectivity much faster than traditional space or land systems around the world.


This latest investment will increase Softbank’s total investment in the project to about 1.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Informed sources said the exact size of Softbank additional investment and funding structure may change. However, they said OneWeb founder and executive chairman Greg Wyler and founder SoftBank Son Zhengyi reached a principled agreement on the cash investment in a recent discussion, but SoftBank’s stake in OneWeb The proportion will still be below 50%.

Weal disclosed over the weekend that his company is already designing a stronger next-generation satellite and is seeking suppliers for the new satellite. Weiler said the new generation of satellites will eventually provide rural and developing regions with ultra-fast Internet access at speeds equivalent to standard fiber-optic networks.

Weiler said OneWeb’s previously announced plan to initially launch more than 700 small low-orbit satellites will be essentially on schedule, launch will begin next year, service will start in Alaska in 2019 and will be basically expanded by the end of 2020 to global.

In an interview with Wehler during the weekend, he also said that about 900 second-generation orbiting satellites will be deployed by the mid-1920s with the aim of establishing the first large-scale orbiting mixed satellite constellation and that these satellites are expected to Transmission speed increased about four times to 2.5G per second.

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