NBC free to HQ Trivia advertising before the Super Bowl

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 5 morning news, HQ Trivia is the famous live answering application in the United States, its rapid growth, but it caused many controversies. On Sunday, HQ Trivia caught the spotlight again, as NBC broadcast its ad just three minutes before the Super Bowl started broadcasting.

Advertising for 12 seconds, a woman screaming excitedly holding a cell phone, then pop-up App Logo. The video came out on Twitter last month, when a young woman named Lauren May won the $ 11.30 HQ Trivia game, screaming out of control for being too excited.

HQ’s parent company, Intermedia Labs, a New York startup, has raised $ 8 million and is raising new funds at a reported valuation of nearly $ 100 million. Super Bowl this year’s advertising is very expensive, 30 seconds need about 500 million. But HQ does not have to pay a penny because NBC advertises Intermedia free. (Dirk)

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