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Epoxy anti-skid ramp construction procedures, unit price list and technical indicators

  1. Base treatment: Polish the ground with an electric sanding machine to remove floating sand and impurities on the surface and clean it up at the same time. Use a gold-steel polishing pad to smooth the high part on the damaged ground, and use epoxy mortar to level the low part several times until it is relatively flat. When the width of the expansion joint of the cement base layer is less than 0.5cm, use a cutting machine, and the width of the cut expansion joint shall not be less than 0.5cm, and then use epoxy putty to fill and smooth the joint.
  2. Primer construction: After the cement base is cleaned up, apply epoxy primer once to make the primer fully infiltrate the cement base. Play the role of penetration and connection to the ground.
  3. Construction of the mortar layer: After the floor primer is dry, evenly scrape the epoxy mortar prepared in proportion on the primer once (note: use No. 5 quartz sand).
  4. Surface coating pressure sand layer construction: After the leveling mortar layer is dry, apply it evenly with no flux, and sprinkle quartz sand while piping.
  5. Surface coating construction: After the quartz sand layer is dry, evenly roll the epoxy topcoat formulated according to the proportions once. After completion, the overall ground sand will be smooth, with uniform unevenness, uniform color, no hollow drums, and driving performance. Play anti-skid and silencer.

Physical properties

experimental project


Abrasion resistance 750g/500r



Compressive strength



Bending strength



Adhesion to concrete

Concrete damage

Pencil hardness



Drying time

Surface dry h


Hard work h


Chemical properties

Drug name Media

Test result INDEX

Sulfuric acid H2SO4 50%

Slight discoloration is allowed for 30 days

Hydrochloric acid HCL 20%


Acetic acid CH3COOH 20%

No change in 30 days

Sodium hydroxide NaOH 10%


Gasline Industrial Grade


Toluene Toluene Industrial Grade


Oxalic acid industrial grade


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