Mon. May 16th, 2022

1 product overview

□  Category: embossed/shaped silicone

□  point: slightly harder, good shaping effect, good mold release, high transparency, sharp edges and corners

□ Applicable scope: Printing on the back of various fabrics, and the embossing machine is set at high temperature to make the fabric protruding to form a concave-convex effect

□ Storage: Store in a cool and ventilated place, sealed and stored at 5-35℃ for 12 months.

□ Environmental protection: in line with GB18401, Oeko-tex standard 100, Adidas A-01, NIKE RSL, etc.

2 Instructions for use

2.1 Application ratio:

product name
N-9706 embossed silicone
n-9010-2 curing agent
n-9100 thinner
It is recommended not to add
Note: In general, 2% of n-9010-2 can be added. If the local temperature is lower, the proportion of curing agent can be slightly increased. The higher the proportion, the faster the crosslinking speed. After adding the curing agent in proportion, it needs to be stirred well before use. If you use non-company supporting additives, please test their compatibility by yourself.
2.2. Printing process
2.2.1 Printing conditions
A. It is recommended to operate under 50%-80% humidity conditions, and pay attention to the influence of temperature on operability. When the humidity is higher than 80%, it is necessary to extend the overheating time appropriately, while keeping the environment relatively dust-free to avoid particles on the surface of the printing.
B. Scraper: 65-75 degree oily scraper
C. Net yarn: 100-120 mesh

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