Mon. May 16th, 2022

Product Description:
Stick the platen paper on the platen. When there is too much glue and fiber on the platen, you only need to replace the platen paper, and no longer use solvents and wipes to clean the platen. It greatly reduces the damage to the environment and humans caused by expensive cleaning solvents, reduces the cleaning time of the platen, and prolongs the service life of the platen. Its performance and quality have been recognized by screen printing professionals all over the world.

Quality level: excellent product

Brand: U.S. imported material rewinding board paper (joint venture)

Scope of application: printing machine/car decals/various decals

Please note during use:

The performance of the adhesive product is affected by many factors, such as heat, humidity, and the type of surface to be adhered. For different purposes, you can try it before use. Please seal it with a transparent plastic bag when the board paper is not in use to prevent air from entering The paper quality makes it non-sticky.

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