Mon. May 16th, 2022

PU hot stamping paste is a special printing material used for hot stamping of apparel textiles. It can print a variety of bright patterns with unique styles, has excellent washing fastness and does not fade.
In the process of bronzing paste printing, 100-120 mesh gauze is generally used, and different meshes are used for different patterns.
When printing paste, it should not be too thin. Direct bronzing must be printed three times and two cuts, so that the surface after printing can be flat, which is convenient for the firmness of the flower position after bronzing.
After natural drying, use a pressing machine at 150°C-170°C for 10 seconds or 15 seconds (the time and temperature depend on the dryness of the pulp) after cooling, tear off the gold and silver paper, you can get the perfect effect. Note that if the hot stamping machine is not dry, the paper will be torn and not clean.
The length of the natural drying time is related to the temperature and air humidity. Normante’s bronzing paste does not stick to the hands, does not jam the net, and is easy to operate. Good fastness, good water solubility and softness. Suitable for cotton cloth, knitted cloth, TC cloth, paper, nylon cloth, etc.

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