Mon. May 16th, 2022

The webbing primer is researched and produced by Normante Co., Ltd. It is mainly used for the base silk printing of all webbing, etc.

White and transparent can be thick

  1. Characters
  2. Appearance: milky white paste
  3. Composition: polyurethane, acrylic copolymer
  4. This product has been certified by SGS environmental protection standards for printed fabrics (without APEO, phthalate, and formaldehyde), and is an environmentally friendly glue
  5. Features
  6. Good transparency, strong adhesion, good elasticity, non-stick screen, quick-drying, good thickness, no pinholes

Three, matters needing attention

  1. It is recommended to use 100-120 mesh gauze to make the plate, generally after 2-3 times of printing, the top can be covered with ink;
  2. When printing high nylon chemical fiber tape, it is best to add 2-3% water-based bridging agent or over temperature of about 150 degrees
  3. Storage: It can be stored for 6 months in airtight at room temperature. The warehouse should be cool, dry and ventilated.
  4. The performance, usage, and dosage of the above products are for reference only. Different inks will have different interlayer adhesion. Please take a sample and test according to the actual situation before using it. Additive products should be sealed and stored after use.

Printing effect picture:

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