Google next year will prohibit the implantation of third-party Google Chrome software

Google said that while nearly two-thirds of Windows-based Chrome users use third-party software that embeds code into Chrome, such as some antivirus software, the software makes Chrome programs more vulnerable. Google said it could use the Chrome plug-in and browse information instead of the software. Leifengwang learned that these changes will be divided into three

Russian search giant snow test autopilot has traveled 300 km

Baidu and Google, both in search companies are developing automatic driving technology, Russia’s search giant Yandex is not the case. According to Lei Feng, Yandex recently released a video last weekend showing that its self-driving taxi has begun its first snow test. The Prius, which it uses, has reportedly been running 300 kilometers during the

The Moto Z’s Alexa Smart Speaker is mostly useless

The Moto Z is a phone built around a strong gimmick, but it’s a gimmick nonetheless. A little over a year after release, the company has added some interesting Mods to its selection, but none have offered an entirely compelling justification for the phone’s modular system. That certainly applies to the new Alexa Smart Speaker.