Scope of application: PCB, FPC, advertising signs, fancy paper and other fine lines, dot screen printing;Appearance: blue adhesive emulsion

Product Description

Scope of application: PCB, FPC, advertising signs, fancy paper and other fine lines, dot screen printing;

Appearance: blue adhesive emulsion

Specification: 1kg/ drum;5 kg/barrel

Solid content: 35%

Diazo: G2-3.0 g

The performance characteristics of

L meets the EU RoHS directive 2.0 standard (EU RoHS directive 2011/65/EU) and the EU 16P certification standard (EU directive 2005/84/EC);

L has excellent solvent resistance, water resistance and moisture resistance, high printing resistance;

L high sensitivity, short exposure time;

L high resolution image, good graphics reproduction, can make fine lines of the screen version;

High solid content, excellent coating performance, good leveling property, smooth screen surface, fast development speed;

L film forming is hard, and stable printing effect can be obtained. 

Reference exposure time

Screen type: 250T(Y)

Angle: 22.5 °

Film thickness: 15 mu m + 1

Light source: ultra-high pressure mercury lamp 3KW

Lamp is apart from: 1 m

Best exposure time: 2.25 minutes

It is suggested that secondary exposure after development can effectively improve the printing resistance and film stripping.

Method of use

1. Sensitization: dissolve the heavy nitrogen with about 70-100g pure water.Then pour the diazo solution into the photosensitive adhesive and stir with glass rod or wood rod until the bubbles disappear.

2. Coating: apply with high-quality scraper.The characteristics of the coating are related to the size and tension of the screen.Confirm The Times of coating according to the need of printing, so as to obtain the required film thickness.If more than 2 projects are needed, the next project must be carried out after the previous project coating screen plate is completely dry, otherwise, the film will fall off.

3, drying, drying temperature control for best under 40 ℃, and high temperature can make thermal sensitive glue, effect the plate making, screen should be fully dry.

4. Exposure: the best light wave is 300nm to 400nm. If using ultra-high pressure mercury lamp or high-voltage gallium iodide lamp, the effect is better.

5. Development: it is recommended to use high-pressure water gun or spray gun to flush the layout at a constant speed.

6, dry: after enhancement, first remove the screen surface water, and then into the oven for drying under 40 ℃, the need to fully dry, otherwise the screen glue falling easily.

7. Secondary exposure: the exposure time of S surface is 1-2 times that of P surface, which can greatly improve the printing resistance.

8, hardening: after being screen completely dry, after the blending of A + B hardening liquid evenly coated in the version of the P and S face, 1 to 2 minutes after use air gun to blow through the ink area, dry for 20 to 30 minutes, can significantly improve the network version of resistance rate. 

Matters needing attention

1, photosensitive glue save: before sensitized emulsion colloid storage temperature in the 20 ℃ cold best in the dark.Do not over more than 25 ℃ or below 5 ℃ environment preservation, otherwise easy to produce chemical and physical change, affect the normal use.Diazo within 0-5 ℃ refrigerator storage, please.

2. Screen degreasing: screen plate before coating photosensitive adhesive should be thoroughly cleaned with special degreasing agent to remove grease and dirt.After full cleaning and drying, high quality screen and high printing resistance can be obtained.

3, dissolve the diazo: dissolve diazo should use pure water or pure water, if direct use of water, tap water in the minerals and incrustation can produce chemical reaction with the sensitive glue, impact performance, serious when they make gel clot, cannot normal use.

4, drying oven temperature: the temperature of the drying oven is best with below 40 ℃, 40 ℃, the photosensitive glue easy generation thermal response, lower the solution like sex.The desiccant box should have an exhaust device so that the humidity in the box can be discharged and the net plate can be completely dry.Check whether the temperature inside the oven is consistent with the set temperature every month.Check whether the temperature inside the oven is consistent with the set temperature every month.

5. Development in winter: if the water temperature of development in winter is too low, it will cause poor development of screen version and decrease of image resolution. Warm water is recommended




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