digital printing series water based ink

digitalinkjet white paste,clear inkjet effect,no heap ink cleat pattem,sofhand feeling

digitalinkjet white paste,clear inkjet effect,no heap ink cleat pattem,sofhand feeling 

M-7 Digital bottom PulpDetailed description

One: Performance

Very soft feel, good elasticity, dry surface is not sticky

Good adhesion, improve the elasticity of white glue pulp

Two: Process flow

M-7  Digital bottom PulpHit the bottom three times, the flash dryer baking 7 seconds table dry can be

Then print M-7 white glue once three knives, flash dryer baking 7 seconds table dry, and then printed once M-7  white glue, immediately inkjet

After the inkjet is finished, after baking for 7 seconds, use a special cover slurry to cover the surface once t-19 

After the t-19   cover pulp is printed, the flash dryer bakes 7 seconds to dry the table.

After 12 hours of natural drying or pre-baking 120 ℃ 2 minutes after the high temperature over the furnace 150-160 ℃ 2-3 minutes, so that the ink completely dry through the curing side can wash water


Q1) .How about your MOQ of your ink or glue ?

For sublimation ink , our MOQ is5KG ( CMYK) , for hot melt glue MOQ is 20KG .

For Plastisol ink , our MOQ is 20KG .

Q2). Could you please give me the quality sample?

If you need some sample for reference,please let us know your fully address/ship

mode with courier,and we will arrange our available sample for your reference.

Please pay the shipping cost to us , Our DHL account have certificate which can deliver t

Chemical ink .

Q3). What is the delivery cost?

It deliver by DHL express , we have get 60% discount of DHL , so the shipping cost is cheap .

Q4).  What is your lead time ?

2-3 days , depending on the quantity  , we almost have safe stock .

Q5). How do I pay for my order?

We accept L/C ,T/T ,Western Union , Paypal , Escrow .


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